Accommodation in Sisimiut


There are 3 accommodation options in Sisimiut depending on price and preference : Hotel Sisimiut, The Seamen's Home or "Sømandshjemmet"  and the Sisimiut Youth Hostel.  There is generally a shortage of accommodation in town during the high tourist season, which August is, so we encourage participants to book their accommodation as early as possible. 

ARTEK has prebooked rooms in both hotels (with arrival April 30 and Departure May 4) for AIC2018 participants but the rooms will, however, only be held until 9 weeks prior to the conference start, whereafter there will be no special availability ensured for accommodation at the 2 hotels. This means that it is recommendable to book your hotel room by March 31st at the latest as to be ensured a room.


To make reservations, contact one of the following operators directly. 





Hotel Sisimiut



Hotel Sisimiut is an upscale hotel and is located in the eastern part of town. The hotel has the only restaurant in town, with a good selection of dishes and wines. The hotel  offers 20% reduction on room prices in connection with AIC2018. The hotel will also block out a few rooms with arrival on Friday April 27. Hotel Sisimiut also has 7 appartments of different sizes which might be an option for phd. students or people who do not mind living closely together. When booking online, use the reference code AIC 2018 participant


Hotel Sisimiut





The Seamen's Home - Sømandshjemmet



The Seamen's home is situated close to the harbor in the old part of Sisimiut. The hotel has a modest cafetaria serving plain dishes. No alcohol is served. When booking it is important NOT to use the online booking system but to write a mail to the hotel directly mentioning the reference code AIC 2018 participant. 






Sisimiut Youth Hostel



The Youth hostel offers simple standard accommodation with a shared kitchen and dining room where you can cook and dine.  There are also a number of supermarkets and stores in town where you can buy groceries. To make reservations go to the Hostel's website. ARTEK has not prebooked accommodation her.



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