Keynote Speakers


The conference program will include keynote talks by the following speakers:


Knut Vilhelm Høyland: Harbors and Offshore Constructions

Professor, Department of Civil and Transport Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Jukka Tuhkuri: Vessel and Boat Traffic in Icy Waters

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aalto University, Finland


Lars Stenseng: Navigation, Positioning and Communication Systems

Associate Professor, DTU Space, National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark


Guy Doré: Linear Infrastructure – roads

Professor, University of Laval, Canada


Kåre Hendriksen: Planning of Physical Infrastructure

Associate professor, The Arctic Technology Centre, Technical University of Denmark


Kevin Bjella: Airport Constructions

Research Civil Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory, Alaska/USA.














Arctic Technology Centre / Technical University of Denmark