Travel Information : how to get to Sisimiut


Commercial airline flights via Denmark and Iceland are the only way for travelers to get to Greenland.


Air Greenland  operates flights from Copenhagen to the main international airport in Kangerlussuaq. Air Greenland also operates domestic flights from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut.


Air Iceland operates fligths twice a week from Reykjavik to Nuuk (the capital of Greenland). From Nuuk, domestic fligts to Sisimiut are operated by Air Greenland. Notice that with the connection through Reykjavik, you will be serviced by two different companies (Air Iceland from Reykjavik to Nuuk and Air Greenland from Nuuk to Sisimiut). Check with your travel agency and travel insurance about conditions in case of delays and cancellations.


Be aware that the nature of travel logistics in Greenland can be challenging due to harsh weather conditions, delays due to weather are common and should be expected. We encourage participants to book their airline tickets in due time and  preferably before the end of February 2018 as flights are very often sold out very quickly. Because of the high demand, ticket prices can also increase dramatically over a short period of time.





For information about visa requirements, we refer to the official portal for travelers to Greenland. We have summarized the rules below for convenience, but we stress that it is the rules as described on the official site that apply. Please check out the official rules as well.


Although Denmark is part of the Schengen, Greenland is not, and special regulations apply. Countries without visa requirements presently include all Scandinavian and most EU countries, as well as USA and Canada. The full list of countries with and without visa requirements are available here.


For participants from a country with visa requirement, a visa to enter Denmark (or another Schengen country) is not valid for entry into Greenland. You must apply for a visa to enter Greenland, and as a general rule also need a visa for Denmark/Schengen if your connection passes through Copenhagen. If you qualify for a Danish Visa, you typically also qualify for a visa entry to Greenland. Read more about applying for a visa through the link below.


Read more about applying for a visa.

List of countries with and without visa-requirement for entry into Denmark



Transport from/to airport in Sisimiut

You will have to arrange your own transport from/to the airport and at your own expense. Taxis will be available at Sisimiut airport (Taxa Sisimiut: +299 86 55 33). The taxi fee will be approx. 150 DKK.



Arctic Technology Centre / Technical University of Denmark