International Workshop on Silicone Polymers 2017 (ISPO 2017)

The organizing committee would like to invite you to the 11th International Workshop on Silicon-based Polymers.


The aim of the conference is to gather researchers for a conference focused on materials and polymer research on any polymer system containing silicon.  The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to silicon polymers ranging from synthesis, catalysis development for silicone crosslinking, formulation of elastomers, and materials properties. We welcome contributions from both academia and from industry and hope that the conference will provide an inspiring and collaborative atmosphere.


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Silicon based polymers

  • Synthesis of polymers (silicones, functional polymers, other systems?)
  • Preparation of inorganic particles or systems (silesquioxanes, nanoparticles, etc.)
  • Catalysts or catalytic systems for preparation of silicones


Formulation and materials development of elastomers

  • Properties and systems development
  • Curing chemistries and resulting properties
  • Nanocomposites based on silica and other nanoparticles


Silicon-based materials

  • Preparation
  • Properties and design and optimization strategies
  • Applications of silicon-based materials
  • Modelling of properties
  • Mechanical properties


Additional topics in silicone polymers are welcome


Confirmed invited lectures:

  • Prof. Mike Brook, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, McMaster University. "Finding the cure: alternative strategies to crosslink silicone elastomers".
  • Research Director Francois Ganachaud, INSA-Lyon. "Supramolecular silicone elastomers: from fun to applications".
  • Dr. Elke Fritz-Langhals, Wacker Chemie. "Amino acid modied silicones".
  • Senior Vice President Louis Vovelle, Bluestar Silicones. "Silicones: New materials and new performances – Discoveries to Innovations".
  • Scientist Andrew Saab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "Title to be announced".
  • Professor Bogdan Marciniec, Adam Mickiewicz University. "Synthesis of new multifunctional silsesquioxanes and heterosilsesquioxane derivatives via TM catalyzed reactions".
  • Prof. Richard M. Laine, University of Michigan. "Electrophilic Substitution on Phenylsilsesquioxanes".
  • Assoc. Prof. Ingrid Graz, J. Kepler University. "Stretching Silicone performance: From skin to robots".


The Book of Abstracts is now available for download here


A special issue in Polymer Bulletin has been arranged, which will be available for submission of papers.


We look forward to meeting you at ISPO2017! Meanwhile follow at facebook @ISPO2017Denmark.


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ISPO organizing committee

Søren Hvilsted, Anders E. Daugaard & Anne Ladegaard Skov (Chair)



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Organizer: Danish Polymer Centre, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark.

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