Day 1: August 17th 2017


Keynote Speaker:

Furniture fire properties and their importance for domestic fire safety.



Jürgen Troitzsch from Fire and Environment Protection Service FEPS, Switzerland 

Juergen Troitzsch has over 40 years of experience in fire safety and flame retardants. After studying chemistry, he worked for 10 years in chemical industry in R&D on flame retardants and fire testing. In 1984, he founded and is President of Fire and Environment Protection Service (FEPS), a consulting firm that provides international consultancy and scientific expertise related to fire tests, polymers, flame retardants, and the environment. He is active in research projects, standardization, expert opinions, studies and market studies. He has published numerous articles and reviews, organized and led many seminars and conferences. He has presented worldwide more than 250 papers at conferences and is the author and editor of the "Plastics Flammability Handbook"


Members Of The Panel: Furniture fire properties and their importance for domestic fire safety.



Dr. Anne Elise Steen-Hansen, Research manager at SPFire Research, Norway

Anne Steen-Hansen was graduated as a physicist from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim in 1986, and obtained the PhD degree in 2002 with a thesis on reaction to fire of construction materials. She has been working with fire safety for more than 25 years, partly as a researcher at SP Fire Research and partly as an associated professor at NTNU. She has been involved in a large number of projects with a broad variety of topics within the field of fire safety science, covering topics from fire safety of candles to fire safety on offshore petroleum platforms. In 2016 she took over as the president of EGOLF (European Group of Organisations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification), and she is also the vice chairman of the board of the fire service in Trondheim (TBRT).





Dr. Björn Karlsson, Director General, Iceland Construction Authority, and Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iceland

Dr. Björn Karlsson graduated in Civil Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 1985. He moved to Lund in Sweden and received a Ph.D degree in Fire Safety and Risk Engineering from Lund University in 1992, where he worked as Associate Professor from 1993 to 2001. He served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Maryland, USA in 1996. He became Fire Marshal and Director General of the state run Iceland Fire Authority, Reykjavik, Iceland in 2001. In 2006, with the permission of the Minister of the Environment, he was also appointed Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering, University of Iceland and has since worked both as Director General and Associate Professor in Iceland.

In 2011 Björn became the Director General of the newly formed Iceland Construction Authority. The authority is responsible for electrical safety, fire safety and building regulations in Iceland and is in charge of the Fire Services College.

Björn has written a number of books and many scientific papers in the field of fire safety and risk engineering, one of his best known works is the textbook “Enclosure Fire Dynamics”, published by CRC Press.


Dr. David Santillo is a marine and freshwater biologist and analytical chemist, with more than 20 years experience as a research scientist with the Greenpeace Research Laboratories, based at the University of Exeter in the UK.  Since joining Greenpeace’s Science Unit in May 1994, David has provided scientific advice and analytical support on a wide range of projects around the world aimed at documenting pollution and enhancing environmental protection.  He has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers, including several relating to flame retardant contamination of environment and food samples from e-waste recycling areas in Guiyu (China), as well as many technical reports and commissioned reviews (see for details and downloads).  David has also represented Greenpeace at a range of international environmental treaties relating inter alia to the protection of the environment from hazardous chemicals (including the OSPAR Convention and the London Protocol on dumping of wastes at sea) and has been an active member of the UK government's Chemicals Stakeholder Forum for more than 10 years.




Egil Sundet is Head of the Sector furniture, interior and design for the federation of Norwegian Industry, Norway. He is also a director of EFIC (European Furniture Industry Confederation), the European furniture industry association, where he is responsible for "The Case for Flame Retardant Free Furniture", which is an alliance of several European organizations. Sundet has worked for the industry for many years and is an economist from the University of Oslo.


Day 2: August 18th 2018


Keynote Speaker on

Fire brigade intervention method – accounting for the actions of the fire service.


Ed Claridge Principal Fire Engineer, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Ed started his career as a fire engineer and risk assessor working mainly within the UK industrial sector. He has been in New Zealand for over 12 years which has included roles as the Senior Fire Engineer at the NZ Fire Service Engineering Unit and as a consultant Fire Engineer. Whilst at the NZFS Ed was a member on the Australasian Fire Authorities Council Fire Engineering group and had a close working relationship with many of the Australian fire services. His master’s thesis focused on Fire Brigade Intervention analysis and he continues to work on the subject of firefighter engineering.

Ed undertakes a number of roles serving various industry organisations including the IFE, SFPE and FPA and is currently the executive director of the Institution of Fire Engineers, NZ branch.



Members Of The Panel: Fire brigade intervention method – accounting for the actions of the fire service.



Hans Kristian Madsen, Director of the Department of Fire and Rescue in DSB, the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency in Norway.
Hans is an engineer, has attended the police school and he has an education in administration and management. Prior his employment at the Directorate Hans Kristian Madsen served 10 years in the police. In 1990 he started his employment at the Directorate where he is Head of Fire Prevention since 2004. Hans also led the work that led to the report "Brannstudien" in 2013 (Report from the working group, commissioned byt the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Affairs, has assessed the organization of fire and rescue services and the use of resorces). Furthermore, he is Project Manager for Program for Improvement of Fire and Rescue Services called "Brannstigen".





Rasmus Storgård Petersen is CEO Emergency Service East, Denmark. He has a past as CEO in  Emergency Service in the municipality Lyngby-Taarbæk and was working in the rescue service since 2004. He is civil engineer  from the Technical University in Demark and has a Master in Fire Safety from the Technical University in Demark. His master thesis from 2014  was titled “Design of Intervention capacity for the Fire Brigade – analysis of reaction times”.




Mia Kummm is licentiate of engineering and researcher at SP/Rise and Mälardalen University, Sweden. Mia is since February 2015 employed by SP Fire Research where she works with fire research and project management. Mia is still part-time employed by Malardalen University where she teaches in fire dynamics and building fire safety. Mia’s main research field is fires in tunnels and fire and rescue operations. She has worked with fire safety since 1989. In 2006 Mia was one of the initiators to the Swedish Centre of Excellence for Fire Safety in Underground Constructions and has been one of the main responsible persons to take the METRO-project – one of Europe’s largest tunnel fire research projects 2009-2012 – from idea to reality.







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