The NFSD consortium meets every year in connection with the Conference. It provides input for the with the purpose of evaluation, discussions and compilation of the Conference. 


NFSD 2016 hosted almost 200 delegates from public and private sector, universities and research insitutes from all Nordic countries. We all seek new knowledge in the field of Fire Safety Enginnering and Safety. NFSD has become a platform for project development. 


This is why the NFSD concortium has decided to launch the organzation of two borkerage events for the NFSD 2017. Here we will invite all delegates of the NFSD 2017 and funders. If you have topics, which could involve different aspects of fire and safety, please submit a 1 page description until January 30th 2017.


The idea is that the conference will rotate and be hosted by the different Universities in the Nordic coutries, as we want this to build bridges of knowledge between us.

However, in order to stabilize the event, the NFSD consortium wished to stay one more year at AAU, which was accpeted by the host, Lars Schiøtt Sørensen. 







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