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SECURO manufactures and sells passive air vents that ensure the necessary ventilation while it instant block the spread of fire.
The vents requires no activation and has no detectors or moving parts.

The products have won numerous awards for its innovative technology.

SECURO was founded in 2006 by Geir Jensen after 30 years in fire engineering and fire consultancy and after several years of research on passive fire protection constructions. Co-founder was Eivind Elnan who has a master’s degree in industrial economics and technology management.


The result of Geirs research was the internationally patented Firebreather technology that today is the basis for all our products. Our organization includes fire advisers, product designers, sales department, administration and production with great expertise in their fields both nationally and internationally as well as a very active and experienced board of directors.


SECURO has a policy of transparency and have all of our test results and approvals openly available.


Our main objective is to be the leading manufacturer in our field and to provide the best possible service so all our customers can feel safe with our solutions.

We are at the moment established with sales partners in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Switzerland and the Baltic countries. In addition, we are working actively with the establishment in several countries.


Scandi Supply a/s is distributing solutions for passive fire protection. Safety for persons and buildings is our main priority.


Being a preferred partner within passive fire protection of load bearing constructions, penetration seals, linear joint seals, dampers and much more. Scandi Supply a/s take a pride in providing the right solution for every task. We are committed to make is easy for our customers and business partners to create valuable and secure results.


Though our products seem invisible, never the less they are necessary for saving persons and buildings in case of fire. We have been providing well-documented products for more than 25 years. Our solutions are tested according to EU regulations and EU standards and thereby fulfills the highest standards.




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   Promat is a global leader in the dynamic business of sophisticated fire science technologies. Synonymous with international quality,  Promat's extensive range of tried and tested  products and systems provide proven and assured levels of fire protection across a wide range of application and building sectors.
The company also has a specialised reputation for bringing the same high levels of quality fire performance and risk accountability to many different types of tunnel applications and underground structures.

Only Promat offers the kind of in-depth expertise that comes from six decades of cutting edge R&D. 






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The RISE institutes Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society. SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden will continue under its existing Corporate Identity Number 556464-6874. The process of changing business name is under way, but until the amendments are approved and registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office, we will continue to write quotes, contracts, agreements and other legal documents using the current company name.




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