Dear colleague,

It is with great pleasure that The Nordic Committee for Veterinary Scientific Cooperation (NKV) announces the upcoming symposium on Responsible Use of  Antimicrobials in Veterinary Practice, to be held in Copenhagen, on 22-23 September 2014.

Antimicrobials are used worldwide both in veterinary and human medicine. The widespread use has heightened concerns about the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, which impacts animal welfare, public health, food safety and environment.

In recent years special attention has been given to the spread of MRSA and ESBL and there has been a lot of debate about the relation to the use of antimicrobials in animals. Three key groups of antimicrobials; fluoroquinolones, 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins and macrolides have been classified as critical important antimicrobials for human health by the World Health Organization (WHO) and attempts have been put forward to restrict their use for human therapy only.


The appropriate use of antimicrobials is essential for reducing and preventing antimicrobial resistance and is the cornerstone of EU policy resistance, both in human and veterinary medicines. Antimicrobials should only be used if necessary and in accordance with best practices. A number of bodies within the animal sector have produced guidance, leaflets and posters on the responsible use of antimicrobials. Is this guidance being followed by veterinary practitioners or do we need more initiatives?

The objectives of the NKVet symposium on Responsible Use of Antimicrobials in Veterinary Practice are:

  • to give an overview of the current status and ongoing activities with respect to the issue of antibiotic use in animals and antimicrobial resistance; and
  • to identify the areas which need further action with respect to the current scientific knowledge and political expectations;

The symposium is designed for veterinary practitioner, the animal health industry and researchers in universities and research institutes. The Advisory Board of the symposium on Responsible Use of Antimicrobials in Veterinary Practice looks forward to meeting you in Copenhagen. 


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