Transatlantic Ocean Literacy 2015 


The Copenhagen workshop on TransAtlantic Ocean Literacy (TOL) will be organized by the Technical University of Denmark, National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU-Aqua), and hosted by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) in central Copenhagen, Denmark.


The workshop coincides with International Council for Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Annual Science Conference (21-25 Sept 2015) also hosted by Copenhagen, and is just prior to the third annual European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) conference in Crete, Greece (28 Sept – 1 Oct).


Dates: 24th Sept (9:00am) – 25th Sept (12:30pm)

Venue: European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, 1050 København K



Workshop Rationale
The workshop builds on previous TOL efforts, but with a more specific focus. The overarching goal is to draft recommendations on how Ocean Literacy can serve marine research projects for greater societal impact, and contribute to Blue Growth objectives (What is Blue Growth? A short, and a long version) through more effective knowledge exchange and engagement with non-academic stakeholders and the public.


The recommendations should assist transatlantic marine research consortia supporting the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation to capitalize on citizen science, promote a science-literate citizenry, and increase public awareness on Societal Challenges issues (e.g., ocean health, responsible ocean stewardship, food security, climate mitigation).



Proposed Format
Day 1 consists of four distinct 90 minute sessions with 3-4 presenters per session in a flash presentation format (5 slides/10 minutes max.) on relevant approaches to the session topic. Presentations are followed by group brainstorming to digest the strategic relevance of new terms/concepts and build capacity in the TOL community to provide a service to large research consortia. A first draft of the recommendations will be outlined on Day 2. 



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The workshop is organized by Ivo Grigorov, Diana Payne and Lis Vinther.
Funding is provided by the Danish 
Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

DTU Aqua - Jaegersborg Alle 1, Charlottenlund Slot - 2920 - Charlottenlund - 35883300
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