WPLA Workshop 21 - 23 May 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark

 Socioeconomic Potential of Land Administration Services

Thank you for a nice conference! Pictures are available here and presentations are uploaded here


Welcome to the registration website for the WPLA workshop, Spring 2014 in Copenhagen.

The workshop will be hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Danish Geodata Agency and will be held back to back with a EULIS conference in the same building.


The theme of the workshop will be the potentials of effective and transparent land registration service. How can land registration data support effective land administration, and what are the socioeconomic impacts when the two are combined.


The purpose of the workshop is to share experiences and present new and alternate use of open and interoperable property data.


The workshop is free and will be held in English.


We have made a number of reservations at selected and centrally located hotels in Copenhagen. Participants at the workshop are responsible for booking their own accommodation and settling their accounts upon departure. Information on how to book a reserved hotel room can be found under Accommodation.


To begin your registration for the workshop click here or go to 'Sign up' in the menu to the left.


The participants of the conference.

Bikers waiting by a stop light in Copenhagen © heb - Wikimedia Commons


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