The Danish Environmental Protection Agency invites you to a seminar on slurry acidification as an ammonia reducing technology.


Slurry acidification is an efficient technology for reducing ammonia emission. In Denmark, 20 % of all slurry is acidified prior to land application.

The technology is fully implemented in the Danish environmental legislation and is also admitted as a BAT technology for reducing ammonia emissions in the final draft of the BREF for the Intensive Rearing of Poultry and Pigs.


Maybe your country could benefit from slurry acidification? The Danish EPA invites you to an international seminar on Sep. 28th-29th 2016. At this event, you will get the chance to learn from researchers,legislators, technology manufacturers and farmer's organizations that have more than ten years of experience in using slurry acidification.


Contents of the seminar

Highlights from the researchers

  • Slurry pH, buffer capacity and ammonia emissions
  • Reduction of ammonia emissions
  • Side effects (soil fertility, biogas potential, odor, greenhouse gas reduction)

 Insight in slurry acidification technologies

  • Technical functionalities and control method
  • Safety during handling and transportation of acids
  • Busines economics

 The Danish environmental legislation

  • Regulation of livestock production and use of animal manure on arable land
  • Test, documentation and control of slurry acidification technologies
  • Regulatory drivers for application of slurry acidification

Sign up and practicalities

  • Deadline for registration August 26th 2016
  • Participation fee: Free of charge
  • For questions regarding the contents of the seminar: Karin Peters, Danish EPA,
  • Date: 28 September at 12:00 -29 September 2016 at 15:00
  • Place:Hotel Munkebjerg, 7100 Vejle, Denmark (near Billund Airport)
  • Language: English


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