Freeman, Ed - Stakeholder Theory & Sustainability-Scandinavian View


Freeman, Ed- Scandinavian Cooperative Advantage by Strand & Freeman


Gram Nybroe, Dorte - Nordic Global Compact


Meyer, Claus - New Nordic Cuisine


Midttun, Atle - 20130610 CSR - A Nordic Perspective


Moon, Jeremy - Handout


Moon, Jeremy- CSR and Govt in Scandinavia


Strand, Robert - Sustainability in a Scandinavian Context Conference



VIDEO PRESENTATIONS (click on images to view)


Welcome by Per Holten-Andersen & Mads Øvlisen


Robert Strand & Ed Freeman + Panel Reflections & Discussion with Ed by Atle Midttun & Mette Morsing

UN Global Compact: Dorte Gram Nybroe &

Jonas Eder-Hansen

Scandinavian Sustainability Leader: Marianne Barner of IKEA

Perspectives from Leading Global Sustainability Centers & Institutions: Lewis Gilbert, Mette Morsing, Erika Herz,  Reflections by Susanne Stormer

Atle Midttun, Jeremy Moon + Panel Discussion w/ Atle & Jeremy by Susanne Stormer & Dirk Matten


UN PRME Regional Chapter Nordic

Claus Meyer


Copenhagen Business School - Porcelænshaven 18A - 2000 Frederiksberg - Denmark

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