TEA-IS Conference

Thunderstorm Effects on the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System

Copenhagen, June, 27th - June, 29th, 2016


celebrating 5 years of TEA-IS Network collaborations…


great expectations of the ASIM and TARANIS missions…




The deadline for registration is April, 21st, 12:00 p.m.



Invited speakers (confirmed):




- Dr. Donny M. A. Aminou, ESA, Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes


- Dr. Heikki Pohjola, EUMETSAT, Remote Sensing and Products


- Dr. Hugh Christian, University of Alabama, Huntsville


- Dr. Harald Frey, University of Berkeley


- Dr. Hans Stenbaek-Nielsen, University of Alaska, Fairbanks


- Dr. Martino Marisaldi, National Institute of Astrophysics, Rome


- Dr. Jean-Louis Pincon, LPC2E-CNRS, Orleans, France









DAY 1: Session O-1AM/PM: Advances in lightning physics and techniques (MAX 10 talks)

- Observations with lightning detection networks

- High-speed imaging

- Lightning inception

- Lightning propagation: leaders and streamers


DAY2: Session O-2AM/PM: Advances in high-altitude lightning physics and techniques (MAX 12 talks)

- Gigantic Jets, Blue Jets and Sprites
- Discharge chemistry
- Gravity waves from thunderstorms
- Ionospheric perturbations

DAY3: Session O-3AM: Advances in high-energy physics of lightning and techniques (MAX 12 talks)

- Space observations and physics of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes
- Ground observations of high-energy radiation
- Laboratory studies
- Models and techniques


DAY3: Session O-3PM: Space missions and new opportunities (MAX 6 talks)

- The research missions in orbit (ISUAL, GLIMS, Fermi, AGILE)
- The new research missions (ASIM, TARANIS)
- The monitoring missions (MTG, GOES-R)
- New opportunities for collaborations


DAY1-2: Session P-1/2AM/PM: Posters

- All posters up at the beginning of the conference



Villa of J. C. Jacobsen - Gamle Carlsberg Vej 15 - 1799 - København V.