The preliminary program for the conference:


Dec. 10th, starting 8:30


Plenary lectures

Poster session



Ceramics for health care

Piezo ceramics

Glass structure and chemistry

Membrane development

Conference dinner


Dec. 11th, starting 8:30


Plenary lectures

Materials for energy conversion & storage I

Glass properties and applications

Raw materials and processing



Materials for energy conversion and storage II (battery materials)

Additive maufacturing

Poster session and student contest awards



The conference is looking forward to the presentations from invited speakers, well known and recognised within their field:


Prof. Jürgen Rödel, TU Darmstadt, Germany - Thermoelectric and conductive ceramics 

Prof. Paolo Colombo, Univ. of Padova, Italy - Additive manufacturing of Ceramics using Inorganic Polymers

Prof. Morten Smedskjær, Univ. of Aalborg, Denmark - Structural Control of Mechanical and Chemical Resistance in Aluminoborate Glasses

Prof. Thomas Graule, EMPA, Switzerland - Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

Dr. Francisco Munoz, CSIC, Spain - Structure and properties of solid electrolytes based on oxynitride phosphate glasses

Dr. Jörg Adler, IKTS Fraunhofer, Germany  - Silicon Carbide Based Filter Substrates and Membranes

Dr. Erik Adolfsson, SWEREA, Sweden - Bioceramics

Susan Stipp, Nano, KU, Denmark - Exploring the world of ceramics and glass with high resolution techniques

Cornelia Sundberg, Aliaxis, Sweden - Forming & Firing of Ceramics

Alexander Frenzel, NETZSCH, Germany - A virtual view into the sintering process by thermokinetic simulation











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