Abstracts and payment

For abstract submission and for registration and payment of the conference fee, we use the web system Conference Manager.




Registration and payment

You can register and pay the conference fee here any time. If you have not submitted an abstract, you should do registration and payment here.


Please check “Important dates” on the conference homepage for the deadline for ordinary fee.


Abstract submission

All abstracts should be made from the MS Word template, which can be downloaded at the ICE2017 under Abstracts. Please keep the format and do not convert it to pdf. We need the word file to process the book of abstracts.


You will give name, affiliation and contact details together with the abstract file. Unfortunately, the system does not enable you to reassess your data later.


If you need to correct something: 

  • Personal details. If you need to correct name, affiliation and contact details, please retype it. The system will treat all input with same mail address as one and keep the latest version. You don’t need to re-load the abstract if it is not changed.
  • Abstract. If a new abstract file is uploaded, it will be kept together with the previous ones. We will use the latest abstract of those that appear to be the same. If they are clearly different in content, we assume that two or more abstracts are deliberately submitted. I case of doubt, we will contact you.
  • The abstract field is optional. This is to enable corrections of personal details without another upload of same abstract. Note that if you make your first entry without an abstract file, the system will discard it. As soon as an abstract file is stored, you can reenter you details without new abstract files as explained above.
  • In case you like to withdraw an abstract, please let us know at ice2017@dtu.dk  

The system cannot send an automatic email confirmation of abstract submission either. We will do that manually, at regular intervals, so we hope for your patience.


After the abstract deadline and selection of presentations for oral and poster, a notification of accept and the form of presentation (oral/poster) will be emailed. The notification will also contain directions for a binding registration and payment of the conference fee.


Questions, unclear issues etc.