Making science open is not just open access to papers and data!


Open Science also implies making science Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). Open Science is important not only for researchers - but also  for funders, research administrators and decision makers.


What are the missing links? How can shared data and links add value for all in practice.


Together DEFF and the Danish HEIs have laid a strong foundation that, with the right coordination and decisions, is ready to be exploited. Danish HEIs all have  systems that can exchange quality metadata in a standard format and with persistent identifiers, a majority of researchers with ORCIDs, a growing proportion of papers in Open Access. All this is available in one national portal ready to be exploited.


The final conference of the DEFF-sponsored project “Research documentation and communication” and the invited international experts will focus on inspiring the next steps we may take in advancing Linked Open Science in Denmark.


Join the conference in Copenhagen on 24. November. Sign up for free (but "no show fee" of 700 DKK will be invoiced if you sign up and do not attend the conference).

DGI-byen, Spisehuset - Tietgensgade 65 - 1704 - KĂžbenhavn V - 3329 8000