NFSD - Special Issue in the Safety Science journal


NFSD has an agreement with the journal; Safety Science for publishing a special issue:

From fire safety engineering to fire rescue. Feed-back mechanisms to foster improvements.
Selected papers from the Nordic Fire & Safety Days, 2018.

Safety Science is a leading scientific publication journal dealing with all aspects of safety engineering and systems safety, cf. . The special issue will be published early 2019. Professor Ove Njå and Associate Professors, Anne Dederichs and Luisa Giuliani are the editors of the Special Issue, and will be managing the process.

Based on scientific and technical quality, approximately 10 papers from the NFSD proceeding will be selected for a full peer review process after the conference.

  1. The abstracts to be submitted within deadline 31.1.2018, using the template on the website. The authors will be asked whether they intend to submit a paper. The checkbox indicating the intention shall be filled in using the template.
  2. Abstracts are reviewed by the scientific committee of the NFSD.
  3. The authors are notified, by March 7th. The abstracts can be
    1. rejected,
    2. accepted for presentation with revision,
    3. accepted for presentation.
  4. All abstracts accepted for presentation with the intention to submit full papers are encouraged to join the competition to become selected for the Special Issue. The deadline full paper submission using the template is June 7th, 2018.
  5. The review process starts parallel to the conference and aims for selection of papers to the Special Issue. Reviewers and members of the scientific committee provide recommendations to the paper selection. The editors make the final selection and authors are notified within a month after the conference (September 1st).
  6. All authors will receive feedback to their papers.
  7. The original version of all papers is published in the Proceedings for the Nordic Fire & Safety Days 2018
  8. The papers that are selected for publication in the journal will resubmit their papers for the journal review November 1st, 2018.
  9. Completion of papers and the Special Issue early 2019.






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