Call For papers on Airborne EM following the 7th international AEM Workshop and Exhibition in Denmark



Full-paper submission deadline: 1 September 2018



The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (EG) is issuing a special edition of Exploration Geophysics for papers presented at the AEM2018 7th International Workshop on Airborne Electromagnetics (


Our intention on this is to have a very fast turnaround on submission and publication dates for the journal.  To this end, deadline for journal article submissions will be 1 September 2018, with projected publication in early-mid 2019.


The special issue will highlight the recent advances in the AEM methods and applications. We seek papers that address the developments of existing and new AEM systems for near-surface as well as deep exploration, new and innovative data processing and inversion approaches in 1D, 2D, and 3D. We also encourage papers on integrated modelling and especially case-histories addressing real-world problems.


Submit your paper

Authors should register their interest when submitting an abstract for the conference. 


All submissions will be made using the Exploration Geophysics online submission system ( - please indicate that the manuscript is intended for the AEM2018 Special Section in the online submission system and in a cover letter to the editor.


Because of the number of journal articles expected to be published in Exploration Geophysics, we are expanding the Associate Editor role to include Anders Vest Christiansen (Aarhus University), Andi Pfaffhuber (NGI), Hongzhu Cai (Aarhus University), and Camilla Sørensen (CSIRO) have kindly volunteered to join Aaron Davis (CSIRO) as associate editors for this special edition. Authors will be asked to contribute to the review process.


Editors and guest editors
Aaron Davis, CSIRO, Perth, Australia

Anders Vest Christiansen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Andreas (Andi) Pfaffhuber, NGI, Norway

Camilla Sørensen, CSIRO, Perth, Australia

Hongzhu Cai, Aarhus University, Denmark




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The journal presents significant case histories, advances in data interpretation, and theoretical developments resulting from original research in exploration and applied geophysics. Papers that may have implications for field practice in Australia, even if they report work from other continents, will be welcome. ´Exploration and applied geophysics´ will be interpreted broadly by the editors, so that geotechnical and environmental studies are by no means precluded.


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AEM2018 / 7th International Workshop on Airborne Electromagnetics

Aarhus University - Department of Geoscience