Space for Innovation in Agriculture

What makes an innovation process move forward? And what stops it?

Draw inspiration from the AgriSpin results by attending the End Conference.


Why participate?

During the past two and a half years, 15 partners from 12 EU countries have learned from and with each other in the AgriSpin project about methods for innovation and support services that work.


At the End Conference the partners of AgriSpin will share their results on: 

  • Innovation processes – pearls, puzzles and proposals for strengthening the process
  • The role of the advisor and the innovation support service
  • Tools and methods for stimulating the innovation processes
  • Best fit practices of innovation support services
  • The Cross Visit method as a way of reflecting on and improving the innovation process

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Download folder about the End Conference.


Practical information

The AgriSpin End Conference is held on the 3rd of July in Crete at the Conference Center of MAICh, in connection with the 23rd European Seminar on Extension and Education (ESEE), conducted from July 4-7.


Attend the End Conference for free.

Participants in the Conference only pay their expenses on travel and accommodation.


The final agenda for the conference will be available in the week leading up to the conference.


The registration is now closed. For post-registration, please contact Coordinator Heidi Hundrup Rasmussen