Author(s)  Title 

Miriam Schaepers,

Constanze Hesse 

The Effects of Environmental Illumination on a Pick-and-Place Task in Younger and Older Age 
Vincenzo De Luca  Procuring innovative ICT for patient empowerment and self-management of type 2 diabetes mellitus – PROEMPOWER
Stephanie Schmidle, Manuela Stürzer, Joachim Hermsdörfer, Carmen Krewer  The influence of foot position on static and dynamic standing balance in healthy older adults 

B. Schäpers, C. Krewer,

M. Steinböck, E. Koenig,

F. Müller 

Activity detection with wearables and ambient sensors in a clinical environment - Preliminary testing with healthy subjects

M. Steinböck, C. Krewer, B. Schäpers,

E. Koenig, F. Müller 

The transfer and trainings device activLife in neurological patients – a study protocol of a feasibility und usability trial 
Mika Yasuoka  Open not Closed - Community-based Living Lab as Regional Management Method

Ad van Berlo, Mart Wetzels,

Daan de Vie

Do ACTIVE: a promising way to keep persons with MCI active and healthy

Christos Kleisiaris, Simeon Panagiotakis

Ioanna Papathanasiou,

Serena Alvino, 

Emmanouil Androulakis

Chariklia Tziraki 

The role of home care in the prevention of cognitive decline and frailty syndrome

Federica Gilli, Spyros Skafidas Federico  Stella, Luca Busettoa, Maria Letizia Petroni,

Carlotta Chiari, Federico Schena 

Using digital tool to improve long term efficacy of physical activity program in obese elderly subjets

Simona Budui, Sabrina Salvetti, Federica Gilli, Spyros Skafidas,  Carlotta Chiari, M. Letizia Petroni,

Luca Busetto, Federico Schena 

Effects of an Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Program in Elderly Patients with Obesity
Henning Boje Andersen    Working Group for establishing a Nordic Chapter for Gerontechnology 

Humira Ehrari,

Henning Boje Andersen 

The effect of playful exercise on functional and physical ability
Rasmus Tolstrup Larsen Criterion validity for step counting in four consumer-grade physical activity monitors among older adults with and without rollators




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