Presenter(s) Topic(s)
Dr. Malcolm Fisk Ethical Imperatives around Product and Service Standards for Assistive Technologies
Dr.Maddalena Illario The European Blueprint for the digital transformation of health and care in an ageing society
Prof.M. Vollenbroek-Hutten E-Supporter: Personalized technology supported coaching of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Dr.Veronica Zavagli Care for carers: an investigation on family caregivers’ needs, tasks, and experiences
Prof. Anja Maier

From crowd-sourced clinical research to designing personalised, preventive interventions: Physical activity, sleep quality, and cognitive functioning in individuals with symptoms of cognitive impairment

Prof. C. Holland Integrated Housing, Care and Support: Outcomes on frailty, psychological health and mobility
Dr. Lucia Pannese Savings and Better Quality of Life: Gamifying Rehabilitation
Prof. C. Holland A frailty profile for use in the community: Using frailty screening to build resilience
Prof.M. Vollenbroek-Hutten Feasibility of ambulatory monitoring devices to monitor recovery of patients after a hip fracture treatment
Dr. Nikolay Koblyakov  How a Municipality can foster the implementing of ICT solutions by PME Senior Care Operators
Prof. Henning Langberg Introduction to exhibition themes – Warm hands and technologies
Dr. Thomas Linner  REACH 2020:Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare
Prof. Andrew Sixsmit Responding to the Challenge of Aging - The Canadian AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence
Prof. Yeong-Ran Park Healthy and Active Aging in Korea from a Gerontechnology Perspective 
Dr. Atsushi Hiyama Geron-Informatics: Geron-Informatics: Techno-logical engagement for the elderly in physical, cognitive, and social activities

Dr. Friedemann Müller,

Dr. Jörg Güttler,

Lisa Schrader

Advanced sensing and Human Activity Recognition in early intervention and rehabilitation for older persons


Rasmus Tolstrup Larsen

Humira Ehrari

Wearable sensing and motivational strategies to enhance physical activity among older persons
Ole Stangegaard A patient’s perspective on using telehealth services
Christian Graversen Challenges and solutions in creating effective assistive technologies
Dr. Thomas Visser Design to Engage – how design can help to create engaging health solutions

Carlijn Valk

Dr. Kavous Salehzadeh


Part1: Personalizing behavior change strategies toward stimulating active ageing

Part2: Personalizing behavior change strategies toward stimulating active ageing


Dr. Lydia Vogt,  Prof. Henning Boje Andersen

The role of standardisation for empowerment and ICT-based engagement of older persons
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