AITC 2021 - Mapping the Arctic


About the conference:


More than ever have climate change and the geopolitical situation in the Arctic enhanced the need for precision navigation, mapping, monitoring and new technologies in all its aspects inspiring new ways of cooperation between the world of science, authorities and industry.


The international conference will gather experts mapping the arctic ranging from ice-free land areas, open sea, sea-ice, inland ice, permafrost, and the cryosphere with thematic tracks like shipping, fisheries, sea-charts, geo-sciences, city- and landscape-planning, hydrology, environmental monitoring, archaeology, surveillance, meteorology etc.


Increased interests in a sustainable development of the Arctic, supported by the UN sustainable development goals, have resulted in new Arctic funding strategies from agencies such as ESA, the American NSF and the EU work programmes. The gathering of various stakeholders will provide opportunities to interact across scientific, civil and commercial domains, to develop new ideas and projects, and to create new connections for the benefit of the circum-Arctic communities.


The programme includes internationally recognised key-note speakers, thematic break-out sessions with key-notes as moderators, facilities for project-development, one-to-one meetings etc, as well as social events with the experience of the unique Greenlandic food, arts and nature.


Researchers, professionals, policy-makers and business people are encouraged to join the conference. In order to secure the next generation of highly skilled experts, a limited number of PhD students are offered a reduced conference fee.   


During the conference activities at selected locations in Nuuk will disperse knowledge of mapping for pupils from primary to high school level.


It will also be possible to exhibit a poster of your research / your organization during the entire conference and starting with the icebreaker session on May 3rd, 2021. This will be accordig to the first come first served principle, as there will be a limited exhibtion area.


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