Lundbeckfond Auditorium

University of Copenhagen, Ole Måløesvej 5
2100 Copenhagen Ø


How to get there

Metro. Walking straight out of the arrival gate at Kastrup Airport in Terminal 3, you will after a few hundred meters find yourself in the Metro station.  You will pass a ticket office on the way.

Take the metro to Nørreport Station. Take the metro to Nørreport Station (about 15 minutes from Airport). From here you can walk to the venue (30 minutes), take a taxi (15 minutes), or take the bus number 150S or 6A (ask to be let off near Nørre Alle).
You can read more about tickets for public transportation here.
Taxi. You can also take a taxi directly from the airport to the venue or the hotel, however, in the rush hour (16-18) this might not be most efficient. 


Parking is easiest at the parking lot at Ole Maaløes Vej 5. You will need a daily parking permit, you can get one at the registration desk. 


Copenhagen is a very popular destination - in particular in August - so we have reserved a number of rooms for Carbonhagen attendees at reduced rates. 


  • CabINN City
    Mitchellsgade 14
    1568 København K
    Price: Commodore Single/Double (breakfast included) 846kr/1059kr per night 
    Captains Single/Double (breakfast included) 941kr/1154kr per night
    Block code: 1908KØBENH
    Valid until 20 July, 2019
You are also welcome to try a hotel search in for 1 room Aug 21-22 within 2 miles from Universitetsparken (where the Auditorium is located, see google map above) with price in euro, CLICK HERE


Copenhagen public transportation website.


Copenhagen is a wonderful city to visit, especially in the summer time. Please visit Wonderful Copenhagen's website to find exciting activities and places to visit while you are here.

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