CenErgy 2019 - International PhD Summer School 

12-23 August 2019


Welcome to the information and registration site for the CenErgy 2019 PhD Summer School on Advanced transmission and scanning electron microscopy in Materials Science co-hosted by DTU Energy and DTU NanoLab.


The summer school will be held at the Technical University of Denmark: 12-23 August 2019.


CenErgy introduces students to four concepts of advanced electron microscopy applied to advanced functional materials: environmental transmission electron microscopy (TEM), spectrum imaging of elemental and chemical information, high performance scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and 3D SEM. CenErgy commences with two days of theory covering the four topics and students can select two of these to perform a total of four full days of hands-on microscopy experiments. The remainder of the school then focuses on advanced data analysis based on the experimental sessions.


CenErgy participants completing the school are also entitled to 5 ECTS points (full DTU coursed description can be found here). 


CenErgy 2019 is now closed for registration




DTU Nanolab - Fysikvej, Building 307 - 2800 - Kgs. Lyngby - 4525 6474

DTU Energy - Frederiksborgvej 399 - 4000 - Roskilde - 4677 5800