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Anna Esbjørn

Programme Manager, CONCITO – Denmark’s Green Think Tank


Anna is heading the Future Cities programme at CONCITO, aiming to build up partnerships, projects and networks working for green and liveable cities. Her main focus is climate, leadership, livability, sustainability and urban innovation as drivers for the green transition.
A key project she is currently facilitating is DK2020 in which 20 Danish municipalities have signed up to update or develop ambitious climate action plans with the help of the world's leading cities network, C40. Supported by the philantrophic foundation Realdania and operated by CONCITO, DK2020 aims to boost the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Denmark sharing best practices and resources between cities and municipalities.

Anna has previously been heading the executive programme Strategic Urban Governance (SUG) for Danish municipal executives designed to build knowledge on leadership and urban governance, profile best practices and learn from cities who are mastering strategic turnarounds.

Anna has been working with sustainable and strategic urban development on both a national and international scale for many years.