Alsion 2
6400 Sonderborg



Welcome to Sonderborg


Alsion is the knowledge and cultural center of Southern Jutlandis. It located right in the centre of Sonderborg, close to the water and the King Christian the X Bridge. Alsion holds campus Sonderborg of University of Southern Denmark with approximately 1100 students, a private knowledge park, a concert halls for classical music, various conference and meeting facilities and a café. At the waterfront and in the foyer you will find artworks of Olafur Eliasson, the world famous Danish-Icelandic artist, who is Alsion’s house artist, ensuring an experience already on arrival. Read more about Sonderborg here.





Information Facilities/Services


The registration and information desk can be found aside the main entrance to the building. There you will also find help in case of any questions or uncertainties.




Internet is available in the building via SDU Visitor. Since this connection is unencrypted, some systems may warn about this. A confirmation can be required to establish the connection. Access requires registration with a valid mobile phone number. Access valid for 24 hours.  


Conference Rooms


The plenary sessions will be in the Concert Hall, the parallel sessions will be in the rooms as indicated in the program. Click here to find more information about conference rooms location at Alsion.