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PD Dr. habil. Yogendra Kumar Mishra 

Group Leader-Hybrid 3D Nanomaterials, Functional Nanomaterials Chair, Institute for Materials Science, Kiel University


PD Dr. habil. Yogendra Kumar Mishra is leading a group with the focus on ‘3D Hybrid Nanomaterials’ at Functional Nanomaterials (FUN) Chair, Institute for Material Science, Kiel University, Germany. He received Ph. D. in Physics (Plasmonics) in 2008 from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India and started his postdoctoral research work (with Humboldt fellowship) at Kiel where he finished habilitation (in 2015) from Kiel University. In Kiel, he introduced a new fabrication technique, the ‘Flame Transport Synthesis Approach', which allows versatile nanostructuring of metal oxides and their 3D interconnected networks as ‘Flexible Ceramics’. The introduced tetrapodal 3D shaped ZnO nanostructures by him have found lots of application scopes in materials engineering and biomedical fields. The sacrificial nature of ZnO enables tetrapods to be used as templates for the growth of hollow 3D tetrapodal structures from other materials, e.g., Carbon, Si, GaN, h-BN, etc. offering wide range of functional applications. The startup company, Phi-Stone AG ( Kiel is selling flame made ZnO tetrapods (GMP scale) to which he advises. He has published more than 140 papers including many in top ranked magazines, such as Materials Today, Advanced Materials, Nature Communications, and others. He is editorial board member in several journals, e.g., Scientific Reports (Nature), ACS Applied Electronic Materials, PLoS ONE, nanomaterials, etc. and also serves as referee for various prestigious journals, funding agencies, faculty promotions, as well scientific communication portals. For research papers and interest: