Welcome to the 41st Danish NMR Meeting!

This year's meeting takes place on 20-21 January 2020 and is organised by DTU. Venue is Comwell Klarskovgaard, Korsør Lystskov 30, 4220 Korsør.


This site is used only for registration of participants. Programme and other details will be announced from the official meeting website, http://danish-nmr-meeting.dk/.


During the registration process, you will be able to indicate if you want to give an oral presentation or participate in the poster session of the meeting. 


Go to 'Sign up' in order to register and pay for attending the meeting. Last chance is 10 December 2019.


If you experience issues with registration or payment, please contact Coordinator Signe Holm at sirho@dtu.dk.


See you at Comwell Klarskovgaard on 20 January 2020!


Best regards,

The 2020 organisers


Charlotte Held Gotfredsen, DTU Chemistry

Mathilde H. Lerche, DTU Health Technology

Pernille Rose Jensen, DTU Health Technology










41st Danish NMR Meeting - 20-21 January 2020 - Comwell Klarskovgaard, Korsør Lystskov 30, 4220 Korsør