G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N


AIM: The aim of the internal DCAMM Symposia is to promote the contact between members of DCAMM, especially the contact to PhD-students and elected §8-members.


PRESENTATIONS: Based on the sub­mit­ted contributions, the symposium is divided into sections covering the different topics. When submitting contributions (in English) please consider that the audience is a mix of mechanical engineers and applied mathe­maticians working in a wide range of mechanics related disciplines.


All participating PhD-students are to give presentations about their on-going work. A limited amount of presentations is devoted to talks by regular members. The duration of talks depends on the students study time and newly started students must present their work by a poster.


There will be poster presentations and lecture presentations with a duration of 15-20 minutes.


Participants who want to use PowerPoint or PDF files for their presentations are requested to submit their presentations to Erik Lund – el@mp.aau.dk a week BEFORE the symposium in order to avoid delays between talks.



PhD-students (in dbl. rooms): DKK 3,125

Other members: DKK 5,000

Bus transport from DTU: DKK 375 (additional)


The reduced rate for PhD-students is due to extra support from DCAMM and “DCAMM’s Støttefond”.

The bus transport from DTU to Comwell Kellers Park Vejle is an additional option. 

Transport from AAU, AU and SDU is organized separately.



Støttefondens fundats er dateret 4. nov. 1985, og fondens formål er primært at fremme kontakter mellem medlemmerne i DCAMM gennem støtte til DCAMM Symposier og lignende videnskabelige aktiviteter. Fondens midler muliggør støtte til interne møder som det foreliggende ca. hvert andet år.

Comwell Kellers Park - H.O. Wildenskovsvej 28, Brejning - 7080 - Børkop