DINO 2021 Conference

We are pleased to announce that the network Diversity in Nordic Literature (DINO) will be hosting its 7th conference at the Department for the Study of Culture at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, November 23.-25. 2021.

With this year’s conference theme, we focus on the Nordic literary canon traditions and debates with the aim to explore how and with what effects the literary and cultural canonization processes are staged and framed on political levels, in educational contexts and in Nordic everyday lives.

While canons are frequently presented as relatively homogenous (re-)presentations of the core values and collective identity in specific societies (nations), the debates about canon constructions point to significant examples of how inclusions of some groups always depend on exclusions of others.

Call for papers
The deadline for call for papers has closed, and we have received a number of highly relevant and exciting abstracts. You can read them here.

The conference is organized by the DINO steering committee and by associate professor Anne Klara Bom (akbom@sdu.dk) and assistant professor Torsten Bøgh Thomsen (tbt@sdu.dk), both affiliated with The Department for the Study of Culture, SDU. For practical matters, please contact the project coordinator, Louise Lund (lund@sdu.dk)

The conference has received funding from The Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point.