Be a CERN supplier


Denmark@CERN is a promotion visit April 1-2 2020 organized by with strong support from CERN.


The visit is a service to members of the Danish network with an ambition of becoming CERN suppliers or of increasing current business with CERN. 


The promotion visit raises the awareness of the Danish companies’ skills within CERN.


Denmark contributes to the CERN’s budget with approx. 20 M CHF a year (120 M DKK) equal to about 1.8% of CERN’s total budget. This allows Danish companies to bid for tenders for supply and service contracts (including R&D collaborations).


What the visit can do for you


You will have a unique opportunity for individual meetings with CERN engineers, group leaders and technicians from procurement and technical departments, all interested in the products and/or services your company can offer.


There are opportunities to network with Danish scientists and engineers working at CERN, who may have needs for supplies and/or R&D collaborations.


Furthermore, you get informed about the rules and procedures for supplying to CERN. The program includes:


  • B2C individual meetings
  • Presentations on future upgrade projects at CERN
  • Guided tours
  • Presentations of Denmark's involvement in CERN
  • Exhibition space for a company roll-up
  • Networking lunch

 Target group


 CERN buys a wide range of supplies and services including (but not limited to):


  • Civil engineering and buildings
  • Computer systems and communication
  • Electrical engineering and energy
  • Electronics (including radio-frequency equipment)
  • Design studies
  • Mechanical structures (supplies and manufacturing techniques)
  • Miscellaneous (insurances, photo equipment, gases, vehicles, petrol, tools, furniture, office supplies…)
  • Particle detectors
  • Vacuum and low-temperature technology

So far, the Danish suppliers fall mostly within the categories “Electronics” and “Mechanical structures” but several other areas are relevant for Danish companies.


Both SMEs and larger companies can become a CERN supplier.


About CERN


CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is an intergovernmental organisation with 21 member states. Its seat is in Geneva, but premises are located on both sides of the French-Swiss border.


CERN’s mission is to enable international collaboration in the field of high-energy particle physics research and to this end, it designs, builds and operates particle accelerators and the associated experimental areas.


At present, more than 11,000 scientific users from research institutes all over the world are using CERN’s installations for their experiments.


The accelerator complex at CERN is a succession of machines with increasingly higher energies. Each machine injects the beam into the next one, which takes over to bring the beam to an even higher energy, and so on.


The flagship of this complex is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


How can I prepare for the event?


 You can download the invitation for Denmark@CERN as a pdf under "Downloads".