List of panels for the Annual meeting in the Danish European Community Studies Association, 8-9 October 2020.

1. Imagining democracy across borders: three challenges for the EU and its member-states

    Organizer: Christilla Roederer-Rynning, University of Southern Denmark

2. Social Movement Europeanization: Mobilizing beyond the National Borders

    Organizers: Anita Nissen, Aalbrog University and Angela Bourne, Roskilde University

3. Grand challenges in the Nordic model: regulatory responses and outcomes (double session)

    Organizers: Caroline de la Porte and Jonas Felbo-Kolding, Copenhagen Business School

4. The COVID-19 Crisis: A trust test for the EU?

    Organizers: Sevasti Chatzopoulou, University of Roskilde & Hans-Jörg Trenz, University of Copenhagen.

5. EU Law, Territory, and Borders - postponed 2021

    Organizers: Ulla Neergaard, University of Copenhagen and Graham Butler Aarhus Univerity.

6. Lawfare across borders: A worrying trend/political power in the 21st century/new concepts for a new reality
     Organizer: Mark Friis Hau, Univerity of Southren Denmark.


7. Border Regions as living spaces (double session)

    Organizers: Dorte Andersen and Martin Klatt, University of Southern Denmark

8. Cross-border cooperation in Europe and the scars of history. The case of the German-Polish borderland
     Organizer: Katarzyna Stokłosa, University of Southern Denmark.

9. EU post 2020 territorial policies (double session)     

     Organizer: Martin Klatt, University of Southern Denmark.

10. Northern Irish Borders in the light of Brexit

      Organizer: Dorte Jagetic Andersen 

11. European Affairs

       Organizer: Søren Dosenrode, Aalborg University.


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