Getting Started With Raspberry Pi (101)

This course will teach you the basics of using Raspberry Pi.




Using the Pi as a stand-alone computer (Pi vs. Arduino)

GUI and CLI interfaces - Linux basics
Connecting to the Pi from your own PC


General-Purpose I/O

Overview of GPIO functionality

Reading sensors and actuating devices

Basic interaction example

Reading analog sensors with an AD converter

i2c, SPI and digital connection protocols



Put it all together – Make something with what you have learned



To get the most out of this course, and to aid you in your future Pi development adventures, please download and install the following software products.


FileZilla Client - ftp program for transferring files to and from a PC to the Pi. Be careful during the installation not to install the extra products!


PuTTY - Secure SHell (SSH) terminal to allow communication from the PC to the Pi. Mac users do not require this, just use the built-in terminal.


Check if you have Python 3.x installed. If not, get it here. (Open PowerShell/cmd and type python -V at the command prompt)

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