Demo for WP4.4 - EnergyLab Nordhavn

As part of the research in the EnergyLab Nordhavn project, PhD student Hanmin Cai is demonstrating the design and implementation of integrated demand response using electric heat boosters.  


We support an integrated operation of the district heating and the electric power systems by allowing more system interactions, and more renewables could be integrated into both systems. Apart from that, we also enhance the economic outlook of smart residential loads through this multi-service design. 


When: 4th June, 2019. 8:30 to 9:00 for gathering and coffee. The presentation starts from 9:00  

Where: EnergyLab Nordhavn showroom, Sundkaj 7, 2150 Nordhavn  


We look forward to seeing you in Nordhavn. 

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