Quantify the quality of Smart Energy Solutions via testing!

Control dispatch, optimization - research frequently suggests new approaches to managing our energy systems. But are they better? Will they work when facing realistic conditions?


The Technical University of Denmark is hosting the H2020 ERIGrid PhD summer school 2018 from the 27th - 31st of August.


Coordination and control are critical in the development of future energy networks. However, many promising concepts fail to bridge the gap from theory to practical application. Experience from actual implementation can be crucial in focusing your research and development. Implementation under realistic conditions is crucial for maturing the solutions as well as convincing further stakeholders.

This summer school focuses on methods for validation of distributed control strategies via implementation on the physical laboratory. 

Participating in this summer school, you will:

  • Learn to formulate test specifications that will allow you develop a relevant and realistic test setup
  • Experience the steps along the path from a new control concept to maturing it for validation in laboratory experiment
  • Gain an understanding of how carefully planned Design of Experiments will yield a better understanding of the limits of proposed solutions

Come and enjoy the PhD summer school in the beautiful surroundings of Roskilde fjord, while experimenting in SYSLAB, one laboratory of the top 18 European Smart Grid Laboratories participating in the ERIGrid Transnational Access program.


DTU Elektro - Frederiksborgvej 399, Building 776 - 4000 - Roskilde - 30139930