Hindsgavl Arctic Workshop 24-25 November 2022

The next Hindsgavl Arctic Workshop will take place at Hindsgavl Castle on Thursday 24 November at 12.00 - Friday November 25 at 13.00 2022.

The planning of the program has begon and we look forward to welcoming you and all other Arctic colleagues again!

The conference is fully booked and it is thus no longer possible to register. If you want to sign up on our waiting list please write to arctic@dtu.dk 


As for the program and further practical information about the workshop we look forward to distributing this during the summer.


The Hindsgavl Arctic Workshop has always formed an important platform for the Arctic research community, universities, authorities and relevant organizations as a place for networking, sharing of information, getting inspiration and seeking opportunities for new collaboration across disciplines. The program of this year puts even more emphasis on utilizing these opportunities by strengthening activities facilitating interdisciplinary networking between the early career and established researchers and scientists. To support this approach, the organizing committee of the Hindsgavl Workshop is also representated by the Association of Arctic Early Career Scientists in Denmark (APECS Denmark). 


To reach out further into the Danish Realm’s Arctic research community, the Hindsgavl Workshop is held in English. 

The workshop is funded by the Ministry of Higher education and Research.


For any further questions please contact Arctic DTU:
arctic@dtu.dk, tel.  +45 9351 8971


Best regards,


Katrine Krogh Andersen, Dean, KU Science, University of Copenhagen
Rasmus Antoft, Head of the SSH Doctoral School, Aalborg University
Kurt Nielsen, Vice-dean, Technical Sciences, Aarhus University

Lars Christoffersen, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs, Technical University of Denmark

APECS Denmark 

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