iPhloem 2017

International workshop on the physics, physiology and genetics of sugar transport in plants

By bringing together scientists from different disciplines for an intense working group, we propose to catalyze advances in elucidating basic mechanisms and constraints on sugar transport in plants. We will bring together leading and emerging researchers - as well as students - from plant physiology and genetics, physics, and engineering, in a 2-day workshop. Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary environment that can address key fundamental questions at the interface between physics, physiology and molecular biology, with strong impact on future crop development programs, as well as bioinspired systems.


Biofluiddynamics of sap flow and sugar transport in plants
Phloem loading and unloading
Plasmodesmal structure and function
Vascular architecture
Bioimaging and biomimetics



DTU - Anker Engelundsvej 1 - 2800 - Kongens Lyngby - Denmark