ITTS Symposium Copenhagen, June 08 - 11 2021

Venue: The Maersk Tower, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


The symposium will include presentations from four Keynote speakers and 8-10 sessions selected from applied panels. It will also include a young scientist session as well as several poster sessions. Multiple social events will also be available.


Registration is open.


We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!


The Local Organizing Committee

Assoc. Prof. Petrine Wellendorph

Prof. Stine F. Pedersen

Prof. Michael B. Palmgren

Prof. Ulrik Gether

Prof. Claus J. Loland (chair)





Cecevent Aps - Gadevangsvej 102, Gadevang - DK3400 - Hillerød - Phone +4525901212 -