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Session 1. New kids on the monoamine transporter block - Implications for treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorders

Chair: Lynette Daws, Univ. of Texas (US), co-chair: Sonia Susic, Medical Univ. of Vienna (AT)


Prof. Lynette Daws, Univ. of Texas (US)

Title: Unfaithful transporters: Insights into mechanisms of action of therapeutic and

abused drugs


Prof. Harald H. Sitte, Medical Univ. of Vienna (AT)

Title: Impact of plasma membrane constituents on transporters responsible for

monoamine clearance


Ass. Prof. T. Lee Gilman, Kent State Univ (US)

Title: Unmasking the functional contribution of PMAT to monoamine clearance


Post doc. Felix P. Mayer, Florida Atlantic Univ. (US)

Title: Dopamine transporters out of control: Disrupted regulation of dopamine clearance and a potential remedy via manipulation of opioid signaling


Ass. Prof. Ali Salahpour, Univ. of Toronto (CA)

Title: Structure activity relationship of DAT pharmacological chaperones





Keynote Speaker: Nieng Yan, Princeton Univ. “Structural and mechanistic investigation of the human glucose transporters


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Session 2. Structural and functional dynamics of transporters

Chairs: Ute Hellmich, Johs. Gutenberg University Mainz (DE); Torben Cordes, LMU Munich (DE)


Assoc. Prof. Oded Lewinson, Technion (IL)

Title: Conformational dynamics of the vitamin B12 ABC transporter BtuCD seen by smFRET


Prof. Enrica Bordignon, Ruhr Universität Bochum (DE)

Title: Dynamics of ABC transporters in cellular membranes: a milestone achievable with EPR


Prof. Dimitrios Stamou, Univ. of Copenhagen (DK)

Title: Off-cycle states and their role in function and regulation of transport


Ass. Prof. Thomas Stockner, Medical Univ. of Vienna (AT)

Title: Using MD simulations as magnification lens to investigate transporter function at all atom resolution






Session 3. Heteromeric amino acid transporters

Chair: Manuel Palacín, Univ. de Barcelona (ES)  


Prof. Simon Newstead, Univ. of Oxford (UK)

Title: Structural basis of amino acid and peptide transport in eukaryotic cells

Prof. Manuel Palacín, Univ. de Barcelona (ES)

Title: Transport mechanisms of LAT transporters


Prof. Yoshikatsu Kanai, Osaka Univ. (JP)

Title: Structural and cellular signaling bases of anti-cancer therapeutics targeting amino acid transporter LAT1/CD98hc


Prof. Gaia Novarino, Inst. of Science and Technology (AT)

Title: Role of LAT1/CD98hc in autism and microcephaly


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Session 4. The neglected SLC6 transporters: Structure and function of GABA and glycine transporters

Chair: Petrine Wellendorph, Univ. of Copenhagen, co-chair: Stefanie Kickinger, Univ. Vienna


Prof. Azadeh Shahsavar, Aarhus Univ. (DK)

Title: Structural insights into the molecular mechanism underlying glycine reuptake inhibition


Prof. Klaus T. Wanner, LMU Munich (DE)

Title: Identification of new GAT Inhibitors by means of MS Binding Assays in Combination with Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry


Prof. Baruch I. Kanner, Hebrew Univ. Medical School (IL)

Title: New Insights in the Gating Mechanism of the GABA transporter GAT-1


Post doc. Maria E. K. Lie, Univ. of Copenhagen (DK)

Title: Molecular Characterization of the Extrasynaptic GABA Transporters and their Pharmacological Potential in Ischemic Stroke


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Session 5. Cancer metabolism – shaping metabolic flux through membrane transport

Chair: Louise Fets, MRC London Inst. of Medical Sciences (UK)


Professor Jared Rutter, University of Utah (US)

Title: Metabolite transport and cellular decisions


Assist. Prof. Costas Lyssiotis, University of Michigan Medical School (US)

Title: Metabolic networks in the tumour microenvironment


Group leader Susumu Hirabayashi, MRC London Inst. of Medical Sciences (UK)

Title: Elevated amino acid transporter expression drives tumourigenesis in response to diet-induced obesity


Post doc Emily Barnes, MRC London Inst. of Medical Sciences (UK)

Title: The role of lactate transport and metabolism in cancer and its therapeutic implications


Lunch & Poster Session 1



Keynote Speaker: Rob Edwards, UC San Francisco “Endocytic recycling mechanism dictates the mode of neurotransmitter release


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Session 6. New developments in CLC structure, mechanisms and disease

Chair: Joseph Mindell, Natl. Inst. on Neurological Disorders and Stroke - NIH (US)


Principal Investigator Alessio Accardi, Weill Cornell Medical College (US)

Title: Role of an unexpected amino acid in the antiport mechanism of a CLC transporter


Prof. Merritt Maduke, Stanford Univ. (US)

Title: Development of a potent and specific inhibitor of the CLC-2 chloride channel enables investigation of CLC-2 as an epilepsy target in the CNS


Principal Investigator Michael Pusch, Instituto di Biofisica (IT)

Title: Mechanisms underlying intellectual disability caused by mutations in neuronal CLC chloride proton antiporters


Senior Investigator Joe Mindell, NINDS-NIH (US)

Title: What we learn about CLC mechanism from a novel, disease-causing mutation in a lysosomal ClC


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Session 7. Lipid gymnastics - Highlights on lipids translocation mechanisms

Chair: Chrisitine Ziegler, Univ. of Regensburg (DE)


Dr. Ahmad Reza Mehdipour, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics (DE)

Title: Molecular dynamics of substrate recognition and transport in lipid transporters


Prof. Camilo Perez, Univ. of Basel (CH)

Title: Defend the wall: Structure and mechanism of a pH sensing flippase


Prof. Cristina Paulino, Univ. of Groningen (NL)

Title:  The flips and flops of a scramblase story: conformational plasticity of TMEM16 scramblases under activating conditions


Dr. Chloé Martens, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

Title: Structure of a multidrug transporter reveals molecular basis of polyspecific recognition


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Lunch & Poster Session 2


Keynote Speaker: Raimund Dutzler, Univ. of Zurich “The TMEM16 family of calcium activated lipid scramblases and ion channels


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Session 8. Human ASCT2 - from structure to anticancer therapy

Chair: Dirk Slotboom, Univ. of Groningen (NL)


Post doc. Alisa Garaeva, Univ. of Groningen (NL)

Title: Interaction of substrates, lipids and inhibitors with ASCT2


Prof. Renae Ryan, Univ. of Sidney (AU)

Title: The split personality of SLC1A transporters: a chloride channel and a transporter


Prof. Christof Grewer, Univ. of Binghamton (US)

Title: Exploring glutamine transporter ASCT2 function:  From molecular mechanism to inhibitor development  


Senior Researcher Seungil Han, Pfizer Inc (US)

Title: Structural basis for the transport mechanism of the human glutamine transporter SLC1A5 (ASCT2)


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Session 9. SLC4- and SLC9 family acid-base transport proteins - from structure to human disease

Chair: Stine F. Pedersen, Univ. of Copenhagen (DK)


Adj. Prof. Joe R. Casey, University of Alberta (US)

Title: SLC4A11 mutations in human disease


Prof. David Drew, Stockholm Univ. (SE)

Title: Dissecting the proton transport pathway in electrogenic Na+/H+ antiporters


Prof. Ebbe Bødtkjer, Aarhus Univ. (DK)

Title: Bicarbonate transporters and sensors in breast carcinogenesis – insights from mouse models


Prof. Stine F. Pedersen, Univ. of Copenhagen (DK)

Title: Structural and functional insights into NHE1 regulation by kinases and phosphatases


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Session 10. Molecular mechanisms of Na+-coupled neurotransmitter transport

Chair: Baruch Kanner, Hebrew Univ. Medical School (IL)


Prof. Gary Rudnick, Yale University (US) 

Title: New developments in Neurotransmitter Transport Mechanisms


Senior Investigator Lucy R. Forrest, Natl. Inst. on Neurological Disorders and Stroke - NIH (US)

Title: Insights into neurotransmitter transport from modeling and simulation


Assoc. Prof. Nicolas Reyes, Institut Pasteur (FR)

Title: Cation binding to human excitatory amino acid transporters


Prof. Christoph Fahlke, Forschungszentrum Jülich (DE) 

Title: Mechanisms of K+-coupled glutamate transport





Keynote Speaker: Randy Blakely, Florida Atlantic Univ. “Fundamental and pathophysiological regulation of serotonin transporters


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Session 11. Emerging roles for transporters in dopamine dysfunction in CNS disorders

Chair: Nikhil Urs, Univ. of Florida (US), co-chair: Ulrik Gether, Univ. of Copenhagen (DK)


Ass. Prof. Freja Herborg, Univ. of Copenhagen (DK)

Title: Disease-associated mutations in the dopamine transporter – modelling neuropsychiatric comorbidity in parkinsonism


Prof. Habibeh Khoshbouei, Univ. of Florida (US)

Title: iPSc-derived human-like dopamine neurons reveal a potential therapeutic target for Parkinson's disease


Post doc. Thomas Steinkellner, UC San Diego (US)

Title: Role for VGLUT2 in dopamine neuron vulnerability and Parkinson's disease


Ass. Prof. Nikhil Urs, Univ. of Florida (US)

Title: Role of PFC catecholamine transporters in regulating striatal dopamine neurotransmission in health and disease


Prof. Aurelio Galli, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham (US)

Title: The dopamine transporter-syntaxin interactions regulates courting behaviors and dopamine homeostasis


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