Due to the circumstances of the COVID19, the symposium has been rescheduled to the spring of 2022.

All participants will get notified with regards to refunding and new sign up.


This symposium will provide a scientific forum for theoretical, experimental and modeling advances in the understanding of ultralarge-scale and multi-scale Topology Optimization.

Since its initiation three decades ago, topology optimization (TO) has undergone a tremendous development and is now used to conceive weight efficient parts and smaller structures in all major mechanical engineering industries. Despite its successes, there are still many outstanding challenges before TO approaches can include all relevant physics and be applied to large complex structures. Continued success and applicability of TO approaches require ability to optimize full airframes, ship hulls, tall buildings, complex lattices or other ultralarge-scale or multiscale structural design problems, including all relevant mechanical and multi-physics aspects.






Technical University of Denmark - Niels Koppels Allé, Building 404 - 2800 Kgs. Lyngby - 45 25 41 56