FN Byen

Marmorvej 51
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Telephone: +45 4533 5000


UN City 

Marmorvej 51
2100 Copenhagen Ø


For security reasons all participants must bring a picture ID (passport or driver’s license) and go through a security check similar to that at an airport. We advise you to show up early and leave any dangerous goods at home. You are allowed to bring water bottles.


If you arrive by car, underground public parking is available (8am-5pm 24 DKK/hr – 5pm-8am 12 DKK/hr) .

We highly encourage you to use public transportation. If you arrive by train, you can take S-train line A, B, C, E, H and walk from Nordhavn Station (max 10 min).

Using public transportation, the approximate travel time from Copenhagen Central Station is 25 minutes while the travel time from Copenhagen Airport is around 45 minutes.


AIS - Anker Engelunds Vej 1 - 2800 - Kgs. Lyngby - 45257864 -