General Information

Dates and Location

February 4-6, 2020, Roskilde, Denmark


Overview and Objectives

Leading edge erosion of wind turbine blades is one of rather critical problems of the wind energy development.  It can lead to more than 5% reduction of annual energy production for wind turbines.  As an example, the Danish energy company Ørsted had to repair hundreds blades at the farm in Anholt in 2016. Citing The Times,”Hundreds of offshore wind turbines in UK waters need emergency repairs after they started eroding within a few years of being installed” (March 15 2018, The Times).


The objective of this Symposium is to discuss ways to predict, control and prevent leading edge erosion of the wind turbine blades, ensuring high reliability of the wind energy generation.  The Symposium will bring together experts in the areas of wind energy, meteorology, materials and coating development, aerodynamics. Further, industrial solutions and products for the wind turbine blade blade protection and testing will be presented. 


The symposium is organized in the framework of two projects: Innovation Foundation projects “DURALEDGE: Durable leading edges for high tip speed wind turbine blades”  and “EROSION: Wind Turbine Blade Erosion-Reducing the largest uncertainties”.  The symposium is organized in collaboration with IEA Wind task 11, topical expert meeting # 98 on Erosion of Wind Turbine Blades, which takes place at February 6 and 7, 2020.


Symposium Topics include but are not limited to

  • Leading edge erosion mechanisms
  • Prediction of erosion
  • Meteorology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Solutions
  • Computational modelling
  • Coatings and protection
  • Sensing and control


Leon Mishnaevsky Jr.,

Dr. habil., Sr. Researcher
Technical University of Denmark 




Charlotte Bay Hasager

Professor PhD

Technical University of Denmark



Location: The Symposium will take place in Niels Bohr Auditorium, DTU Risø Campus, Frederiksborgvej 399, 400 Roskilde, Denmark.


Presentation Submission and : Please submit the title  and abstract of your presentation (100 words, in text format) by e-mail to lemi'at' Late abstracts are still accepted until October 30, provided the results are of high technical importance and novelty. 


Registration: The registration fee for presenting authors is 890 EUR. For non-presenting participants, the fee is  1100 EUR. For the members of Erosion and Duraledge projects,  the fee is 490 EUR. The registration includes access to the sessions, a conference program, coffee/refreshment during breaks and dinner. 



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