DTU Risø Campus is located at the peninsula near Roskilde Fjord approximately 7 km North of Roskilde.

The address is: Risø Campus, DTU Wind Energy, Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde.


How to get to DTU Risø Campus:




You can find information about hotels in Roskilde at  


The following hotels in Roskilde can be recommended:

Zleep Hotel Roskilde

Hotel Scandic Roskilde


Zleep hotel is in the middle of Roskilde city (10 min. drive), whereas Scandic Hotel is in the other end of the city (20 min. drive).  Alternatively, you can search the internet for ‘bed & breakfast Roskilde’ as there are many good and relatively cheap options in the surroundings.


You can find information about hotels in Copenhagen at By public transportation, the trip from Copenhagen to Roskilde (Risø) will take approximately one hour if you are located fairly close to the central train station. Please reserve your room directly with the hotel of your choice. 





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