Innovation Foundation (IFD) project DURALEDGE/Durable leading edges for high tip speed wind turbine blades




The objective of the DURALEDGE project is to improve the lifetime of wind turbine blades, and to reduce service and maintenance costs during the operation of the turbines by predicting, modelling and understanding the leading edge erosion mechanisms and by developing new highly durable protective coatings and guidelines for the coating development.


The project began om November 1, 2019 and runs until October 30, 2021.


Partners: DTU Wind Energy, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, LM Wind Power, Hempel AS, Covestro Deutschland. 



IFD project EROSION: Wind Turbine Blade Erosion・Reducing the largest uncertainties



The objective of EROSION is to enable longer lifetime of wind turbine blades at multi-MW machines. The overall aim is to investigate the combined environmental conditions in the marine atmospheric boundary layer with regard to winds, precipitation and atmospheric composition of aerosols in the Northern European seas where offshore wind farms are located based on novel remote sensing observations on the ground and from space and atmospheric modelling.


The project began om April 1. 2017 and runs until March 31. 2020.


Partners: DTU Wind Energy, DMI, E.On, Vattenfall,  R&D AS, Vestas.


IEA Wind TEM# 98 on Erosion of Wind Turbine Blades:


The symposium is organized in collaboration with IEA Wind task 11, topical expert meeting # 98 on Erosion of Wind Turbine Blades, which takes place at February 6 and 7, 2020. Link:

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