Macroprudential policy conference – while the sun is shining, prepare for a rainy day, Copenhagen, 19 November 2018

Danmarks Nationalbank, the International Monetary Fund, and Copenhagen Business School are hosting a conference devoted to discussing the role of macroprudential policy for financial stability.


The conference aims to increase the understanding of macroprudential policy, to openly debate with relevant stakeholders its merits and limitations, and to put the conduct of macroprudential policy in a small open economy into an international context. At the conference you can expect to meet both international and national high level presenters.


Session 1 "Why macroprudential policy is relevant for financial stability" will focus on of the session is on the reasoning for macroprudential policy from a (i) theoretical perspective, (ii) financial stability perspective, and (iii) an international perspective.


Session 2 "Experiences with implementation of macroprudential policy – internationally and in Denmark" is a panel discussion with focus on implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of macroprudential policy underlined by country experiences. Speakers will include Professors, international officials and.                            


Session 3 "Current challenges and the way forward" is a panel discussion with focus on current challenges including the right use of tools and the political challenges related to implementation and communication.                   


Finally the day will end with the keynote speech "What is macroprudential policy not – and how does it relate to other policies".


Venue: IDA Conference Centre - Kalvebod Brygge 31-33 - 1780 - Copenhagen V - +45 3318 4664