MASS 2019: CP3-Origins 10 year anniversary

When: Monday, May 20 to Friday, May 24, 2019
Where: O100, SDU, Odense, Denmark


We are pleased to announce the international meeting MASS2019 dedicated to charting fundamental interactions by bridging the gap between theory and experiments from particle physics to quantum gravity and cosmology. The conference will bring together theorists and experimental physicists and it will be an opportunity to discuss synergies and foster new collaborations.

We will also celebrate CP³ 10th anniversary!

Plenary talks are by invitation only, but if interested in joining this special event, please write to Francesco Sannino.

For visa information see below.

Invited Plenary Speakers


Regarding VISA requirements and application we refer to the following webpages:
The list of countries from which you will need a visa can be found here.
How to apply for a visa, including time schedule can be found
Please contact Centre administrator Lone Ch. Nielsen in well ahead of time for an additional invitation valid for visa application.

International Advisory Committee

Administrative Support


This conference is sponsored by the Danish National Research FoundationDepartment of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy and CP³-Origins, University of Southern Denmark.

Previous MASS conferences

MASS 2019 is the tenth in a series of conferences on the Origin of Mass.

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