Future Work: Digitalisation and Innovation

In 2019 we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Nordic Ergonomics Society (NES). The NES 2019 Conference invites you to investigate and discuss future work from an ergonomics and work environment perspective. And the thing is: Future work is already here!

The shaping of future work will be heavily influenced by digitalisation, organisational innovation and national and international regulation. Digitalisation and new ways of working are mega trends having tremendous impacts on work, the labour market, and policymaking. Jobs disappear due to automation in manufacturing and service industries. Other jobs are transformed to include quite new tasks and interaction or even collaboration with machines and computers. The entire work organisation is affected displacing work tasks among employees and across the organisation. How does human factors and ergonomics (HFE) meet these challenges? What can HFE contribute to promote a human-centred development of future work?

DTU Management Engineering - Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Bygning 101A - 2800 - Kgs. Lyngby - 45257818 - nes2019@man.dtu.dk