Welcome to the 13th NOVO symposium

The theme of this year’s symposium is

“Sustainable work and inter professional collaboration in health care”

Date: 12-13 dec 2019

Place: Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark


The core idea of the NOVO - Nordic research network is to integrate perspectives of work environment, efficiency and quality of care (the NOVO-triangle) - to support sustainable health care systems.


Novo Symposium 2019

Our health care systems are dynamic and ever changing trying to satisfy increasing demands for services while meeting economic constraints. New treatments are developed as well as new care paths moving elements of care and treatment from hospital to municipality. Another major development is value based health care where the patients’ value perception is sought integrated in the planning of care and treatment. Our health care systems have a constant focus on optimization. Tools and methods from operations management are no longer an exception but used on a regular basis to increase productivity. These and other development have implications for employees, patients and society. With the increasingly shortage of professional staff and high absenteeism in health care, it is increasingly important to consider the integrate the perspectives of efficiency and quality of performance with the development of beneficial working conditions.


We welcome presentations in these aspects from a wide range of disciplines!


Topics of Novo 2019

Care integration
Care path optimization
Sustainable management and leadership
Health care innovation
Consequences of new health care technology
Inter professional collaboration
Efficiency and employee conditions








Kasper Edwards, DTU Management Engineering - Akademivej, Bygning 358, rum 113 - 2800 - Kgs. Lyngby - 45257818 -