5th Nordic Conference on Research in Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare

30th-31st August 2018, DGI-Byen, Copenhagen, Denmark 


The conference gathers Nordic and international researchers and developers working in patient safety and healthcare quality to share their knowledge and ideas with a multi-professional and multidisciplinary scope.

The hosting organisation is the Danish Research Network for Patient Safety and Quality (www.fpks.dk).


Keynotes by Mary Dixon-Woods, Karina Aase, Carl Macrae, Doris Østergaard.


Oral presentations, workshops and pooposals for oral presentations, posters and workshops are invited. We invite proposals in all areas of patient safety and healthcare quality, including: 


  • Research methods in patient safety and quality improvement
  • Identification and mitigation of risks, hazards and quality deficits
  • Translating evidence into practice
  • Evaluation of safety and quality interventions
  • Involvement of patients and relatives in patient safety and quality improvement
  • Measuring and improving safety culture
  • Regulating for patient safety and quality
  • Organizational characteristics affecting safety and quality



Programme Overview


Book of Abstracts 




DGI-Byen Conference Center - Tietgensgade 65 - 1704 - Copenhagen - +45 6348 4060