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Pedestrian movements in BIM



Anne Dederichs


Here would be the agenda for a modified session, which perfectly suits the title:

Overview/demo of BIM (with Revit as the example modelling system)

1.       BIM overview

2.       BIM integrated analytical capabilities:

3.       BIM as a platform for analysis

Pete Thompson

Dan Svensson




4 x Interactive demonstrations: “Importing the BIM model, and showing basic analysis”:

4.       Bring a nominated research student up from the audience, to instruct them to do the following, using a ready-supplied single floor BIM model of the building in which the tutorial is located:

5.      Pathfinder 



Next developments and capabilty” discussion (like a panel, with the Audience) 


Universal design and AF borgen: the effect of heterogeneity on evacuation and pedestrian movement. Experimental studies.

Question: what is the influence of heterogeneity on pedestrian movement?



Experiments and data collection

Aoife Hunt



Experiments in groups of 4

1.       Preparation of experimental plan.

Question: what is the influence of heterogeneity on pedestrian movement?

Aoife Hunt

Anne Dederichs



2.       Presentation of the plans



3.       Carrying out the experiment



4.       Analysis



5.       Conclusion



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